Marine Electric & Shorepower Services

Service support

Atlas Energy Systems has qualified technicians with over three decades of experience working on yatchs. All of our technicians have service vehicles with an inventory of parts so that we can accomplish the task efficiently. We can provide you with on-site technician assistance, by phone, or via internet based on your available time or requirements.

Electrical survey

When purchasing a new or used yatch you can't afford to overlook one of the most important systems onboard. Our attention to detail includes everything from ensuring the electrical drawings arer correct down to the cable terminations of the electrical devices. There is no room for error and our job is to assist in protecting your family, guests, and crew from possible problems.

New yatchs are generally required to meet stringent rules designed for safety and reliability of onboard systems. Although you may have faith in a particular shipyard it does not mean that the electrical system will be at 100%. It is difficult for a shipyard or project manager to inspect every aspect of the electrical system especially if this is not their primary job. It is important to have qualified technicians that work to classification society rules verify that the original installation is done correctly and meets directives.

Corrosion survey

Corrosion can be a problem above the waterline but below it can be catastrophic so knowing that you are properly protected is critical.

We can provide you with a corrosion survey and provide details as to possible issues and/or solutions, from crevice corrosion to dissimilar metal corrosion, it is important that a solution be found and we are qualified to assist with this need.

Harmonic & Power quality survey

With the complexity of the electrical systems on today's yatch comes another issue that is not to be overlooked and that is harmonic distortion. A harmonic distortion survey has become an important part of maintenance to be certain that the electrical systems are functioning without potential dangers, HArmonic distortion can cause cables and power supplies to overheat and have damaging affects on sensitive electronics and audio/visual equipment.